Huis Ten Bosch

Constantia, Cape Town

A light-filled classical Cape Dutch residence is the setting for an intriguing collection of contemporary and tribal artworks, and OKHA interior design. The client is an avid art collector who enjoys and indulges in the synchronicity and provocation of modern and classical, tribal and contemporary in both art and design. The interior of the house was gutted entirely, with all linking doors removed to create one large space with exceptionally high ceilings, resulting in a free-living, art gallery aesthetic.

Huis ten Bosch

The timber floors were stained a deep ebony, to add a dramatic effect, perfectly contrasting the pure white walls and allowing the art to speak freely. The owner’s eclectic taste in art and interior design created a juxtaposition between classic, organic and progressive avant-garde pieces, which reverberate off each other allowing each to express its own identity.

Huis ten Bosch

The seemingly casual way in which all the interior elements of the house were thrown together creates a personal and relaxed environment and directly reflects the personality and character of the home owner.