Atang Tshikare comments on our recent collaboration

Our signature product range embodies modern refinement, luxury and sophistication, but every so often a collaboration transpires which adds an alternative perspective to our evocative designs.

Our most recent collaboration is with leading South African designer and artist, Atang Tshikare. Renowned for his African emblematic style of graffiti, graphic design and illustration, Atang is an ever evolving South African creator.

Atang commented on our recent collaboration: “I think that the collaboration is thought provoking as it takes my work to new heights using zoomorphic and natural forms in various facets of design. The first product in our collaboration is the Metsing table, which is already proving unique in the way that the glass and bronze elements are combined in an abstract formation with a narrative, connecting it with the collection. It is an interesting experience working with the team at OKHA as they help to put everything together and every step is thoroughly laid out to ensure that it fits with our combined vision. Adam Court, Liz Morris and Robyn Swanepoel are all hands on with the project and with their collective experience, I know it will be a successful collaboration!

“It is overwhelming and exhilarating working in the manner that we are, from marketing to production, artworks and write-up. Each creation process is being handled differently because they each require special expertise and it is not easy to connect several artisans to make one piece, like we did with the Metsing coffee table.

“I value having the OKHA team to work with on this, and I look forward to seeing this collaboration coming to fruition!”

See the Metsing Table here.